Sharing the Love Over Valentine’s Day Weekend

We shared the love of trekking! The UrbanTrekkers mixed it up this past weekend; instead of exploring a new place we seized the opportunity to hang with our sister program, Trekkers, from Maine. The Maine Trekkers were making their way down the Northeast coast on their Ride through History tour; we thought what better way than to share the history of our very own city, Camden. From the boom of the industrial era in the early nineteenth century to the continuation Camden’s maritime history right in our very own boat shop, it was definitely a city tour for the books. My favorite was our pit stop at Phoenix Park, once the site of a factory now transformed into 5 acres of open space on the river with remarkable views of Philadelphia. Thanks to our guide Jeff and students who shared not only Camden’s past but also glimpses into its promising future.

After our Camden tour, we did some early spring cleaning at the boat shop and ended the night with reflections from our day. It was encouraging to see dialogue and a coming together of young people from Maine and Camden. We definitely look forward to visiting the Maine Trekkers in their hometown during our annual From the Hood to the Woods trip this August!

Keep on Trekkin’, 


UrbanTrekkers Environmental Educator