On the Water

BoatWorks’ on-the-water component small boat handling lessons with the goal of increasing students’ comfort and confidence while paddling. Each build year concludes with a celebratory boat launch and summer paddling program on the local rivers of southern New Jersey.

An additional component of the program is environmental education, particularly as it relates to the rediscovery of Camden’s urban waterways. As students learn about the importance of the rivers that surround their city, they are becoming environmental stewards and advocates for their communities and its waterways.

Summer Paddling Trips

Urban BoatWorks leaves the boat shop during the summer to venture out on our local--urban and rural--waterways. The following are some of our favorite places to paddle.

Merrimac Canoe Build

Tidal Cooper River

A little known gem, this urban river is home to a variety of wildlife including eagles, great blue herons, mergansers, carp, and strippers. It winds through Camden's old industrial corridor and features a great view of Philadelphia.

Wading River

The New Jersey Pine Barrons offer some of the best wilderness paddling around. The area's tea-colored creeks pass through the Cedar Forrest and grassy savannahs to reveal amazing wildlife and nature scenes.

Paddleboard build in progress

Barnegat Bay 

Located along the Atlantic coast, this New Jersey estuary provides a myriad of opportunities to observe up-close nesting of ospreys, diamondback terrapins, American oyster catchers, and more.


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