Washington, D.C.

Urban Expedition

About This Trek...

A four-day expedition to our nation’s capital over Christmas vacation for students of all grade levels. Students will engage in active learning experiences as they visit national monuments, museums (Smithsonian and Holocaust) and other sites throughout the city. 

Core Values

Cross Cultural Experiences

Students experience life in the capitol and encounter individuals from various backgrounds and experiences through stays in a hostel, visits to museums, and hikes through the city. 

Historical Perspectives

Trekkers experience our country’s history through museum visits, speakers, and monument tours. A goal of this annual visit is to instill in youth an appreciation for our ancestors and an understanding of the importance of their history.



Day 1
  • Visit Arlington National Cemetery
  • Evening walk around the White House and Christmas tree
  • Evening journaling
Day 2
  • Morning devotions
  • Tour of the Capitol Building
  • National Archives Building
  • Ford’s Theater
  • American History Museum
  • Evening journaling
Day 3
  • Morning devotions
  • Ice skating on the National Mall
  • Holocaust Museum
  • Evening journaling
Day 4
  • Worship in the National Cathedral


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